Since 2001 Productility has been supporting Clients in the Industrial, Services and Public sectors:
• to improve and expand skills for value creation in the current competitive Global Market;
• to manage business innovation and improvement;
• to evaluate Information & Communication Technology solutions
in order to integrate human resources, processes and technologies.
For us “consultancy” means:
• listening to and understanding the Client’s requirements;
• applying innovative methodologies and tools through tailor-made customized solutions;
• working side by side with the Client’s resources in effective projects;
• sharing project engagements, risks and results;
• leading the Company to competitive results and value creation.


We are delighted to offer you a fresh updating on our improvement activities and experiences.


We have acquired significant experience in domestic and international public and private sectors.
Our people work closely together with your people to improve the global enterprise performances, through a customized approach tailored to individual Client requirements.

Productility improves the performances of the following processes:


through tailored solutions:

  • Implementation of principles, logic and instruments of lean manufacturing

    We steer the Company towards a correct implementation of the model of Lean Manufacturing by using a solid methodology and our ability to customise the model to the reality of each company. The study of the Lean Manufacturing model at accredited institutions in Japan and across the world, combined with subsequent experience acquired in companies of varying size and complexity, enable us to guarantee effective implementation which can be sustained over time and offer a rapid financial return.

  • Improvement of logistic and manufacturing processes, from supplier to client

    We develop management projects for the logistics-manufacturing-distribution chain by means of strategic alignment intervention and tactical and operational coordination of the activities of various company departments. Our objective is that of improving the planning and management processes from order to delivery of goods and services to the final client. We design these interventions on the basis of international standards defined by the SCOR Model of the Supply Chain Council –

  • Customised solutions to regain productivity and reduce costs

    We implement strategic, tactical and operational solutions to increase productivity and company competitiveness, through engineering solutions and customised approaches to the Company’s needs. Initial assessment, multi-objective improvement and the management of all of the engineering problems of the ‘product – process’ system guarantee that financial results are achieved in the short term.

  • Check-up of consistency and alignment of ICT systems with company business

    We check the alignment of IT systems with the Company’s organisational, managerial and operational development. We handle all stages of information management in order to guarantee the availability and correct use of data and information in the decision-making process. We assist in the choice, assessment and implementation of managerial and industry-based software.

  • Integrated project management regarding objectives, resources, times and costs

    We develop and manage complex projects, shadowing and integrating company resources with a team of qualified and highly experienced consultants in the world of industry and the services. We design these operations on the basis of international standards defined by the PMI – Project Management Institute –

  • Modelling of company procedures

    We help the Company re-think, reorganise and simplify its structure, working methods, systems management and external relations in order to improve company process management and make its services more efficient. This methodological approach enables us to identify and eliminate those processes and activities which do not give the final Client added value, thereby increasing company competitiveness and its overall performance.

  • Development of and support for organisational, management and operational changes

    We reorganise and strengthen the company’s human resources, in order to improve its ability to compete in the market. The factors which have been critical to success for many of our operations conducted in Italian and international Companies include consolidated methodologies and a ‘practical approach’ alongside company resources.

  • Classroom and on-the-job training

    We offer services of "personalised" and "à la carte" training at all company levels; our willingness to promote and manage the development of professional abilities is what sets us apart. To meet such needs, we suggest systems of analysing and mapping skills, personalised training paths, and innovative and highly-specialised learning methods. We can design and develop engineered, modular and flexible made-to-measure training courses, thereby overseeing the entire training process, from needs analysis to assessment of results.


Contact us to discover a new way of performing consultancy.
Our consultants have proven experience in helping businesses across all sectors: they will help you to obtain the improvements you require.
We work with large corporations and fast growing owner-managed SMEs, all appreciating the "culture of results" approach we apply to every project.
We believe the benefits of consultancy should not disappear when the consultant does.
Today our Clients are working in a more effective and profitable way, this being the best measure of the results of our projects.

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